Here is what I ate on Thanksgiving day!

At 8:50am my blood sugar was 171. I injected 3 units humalog insulin to compensate for the dawn phenomenon, the high blood sugar reading and the dates I would eat during my workout.

I worked out and ate 3 dates during my the workout, which was 18g of carbs.

After the workout I was 198. I took 10 units of humalog. 2 for a correction and 8 for my breakfast. That meal was namwa bananas and mamey sapote for a total of 218g of carbs. The insulin to carb ratio was 1:27. My blood sugar after breakfast was 110.

Before lunch my blood sugar was 78. I took 9 units humalog for a delicious meal of mamey sapote, persimmons and sapodilla. The total carbs for that meal was 314g, which is a ratio of 1:35.

Before my afternoon snack, my blood sugar was 73. I injected 3 units humalog insulin and ate papaya and mangos. The total was 163g of carbs, which is a ratio of 1:54.

Before dinner my blood sugar was 127. The family went to Ruth’s Cris Steak House for dinner and I ordered a simple salad of romaine lettuce, mixed greens, arugula, tomatoes and avocado. The first salad was quite small, so I ordered another and told them to double the size. I injected 15 units lantus insulin before dinner and didn’t take any humalog for the salad.

After dinner my blood sugar was 103.

Totals for the day: 25 units humalog insulin + 15 units lantus for a total of 40 units.

7% of calories from fat (25g total fat).

Calories: 3,005
Carbs: 741g
Protein: 39g

Thanksgiving Breakfast

Lunch 1


Epic Thanksgiving Snack