This video was filmed on Friday, March 25th, 2016. Summer is coming soon and I’ll be buying more fruit from the local farmers’ markets, but right now I get just about all my fruit from the Los Angeles Wholesale Produce market. Below are the prices for most of what is shown in the video:

  • Mangos: $63 for 6 cases (~60 pounds)
  • Sweet peppers: $10 for 2o pounds
  • Papaya: $28 for 2 cases (~60 pounds)
  • Cherimoya: $8.50 ($4.00/pound at the farmers’ market)
  • Bananas: $8 for 1 case (40 pounds)
  • Strawberry papaya: $10 for 5 cases (~50 pounds)
  • Grape tomatoes: $5 for 1 case (12 pints)
  • Beefsteak tomatoes: $10 for 1 case (~15 pounds)
  • Jackfruit: $29 for 37 pounds ($0.80/pound)
  • Blackberries: $20 for 1 case (12 x 6 oz. containers)
  • Strawberries: $8 for 1 case (12 x 1-pound containers)
  • Spinach and arugula: $20 for 5 bags
  • Orange juice: $12 (1/2 gallon)
  • Zucchini: $10 for 1 case (~20 pounds)
  • Dates: $4/pound

I live in Santa Monica, California, which is a terrific place to follow a plant-based diet where the majority of my calories come from fruit. I have access to incredible farmers’ markets and a terrific hub for imported produce. I’ve been immersed in the world of low-fat, whole-food nutrition since 2006.

I want people to know that anyone can afford to incorporate low-fat, plant-based eating into their lives. If you cannot find fruit that satisfies you, or you’re on a strict budget, it’s important to know about how cheap a whole-food, plant-based diet can be, no matter where you live. The key is to base your meals around starchy foods (potatoes/sweet potatoes, grains, beans/legumes, roots, and starchy vegetables). Both approaches—raw (fruit based) or cooked (starch based)—work beautifully to ensure that blood glucose remains at a steady, healthy level … as long as you keep your fat consumption healthfully low.

Below are two articles from Forks Over Knives that illustrate how affordably you can thrive on a starch-based approach to health. Forks Over Knives is a fabulous resource for education, inspiration, recipes, and much more. I’ve spent the last 5+ years working on the Forks Over Knives team, and I’m really proud of the content on its website.

Bottom line, I want all diabetics to know about the power of a whole-food, plant-based diet. If you need support and guidance through your transition, message me to learn about my coaching programs.